ObdPi is a Python 2.7 project designed for the Raspberry Pi to output a vehicle's OBD-II data to a 16x2 character OLED display.


To get the latest project files for obdPi:

git clone

Or download the latest .zip here.

The latest release notes are always available here.


  • Python 2.7
  • PIP - Management of Python packages
  • python-OBD - OBD-II serial module for reading engine data
  • RPi-GPIO - Control Raspberry Pi GPIO channels
  • pyserial - Python serial port access library


Use of the obdPi scripts requires a number of configuration steps, detailed instructions for each of which can be found here.


If you follow the aforementioned Setup steps, the obdPi script(s) should be set to execute upon startup of your Raspberry Pi.

These same scripts can also be manually executed. If you have followed the steps to configure your external display, you can execute the via:


If not, you can still use to output to the terminal via: